Interurban outdoor

Outdoor luminaires with multiple applications:

  • Interurban: roads, highways, industrial estates and even residential roads, etc.
  • Various exterior areas: exteriors of industrial buildings, shopping centers, recreational areas, parking lots, stations, etc.


Eco-friendly luminaire made in technical polymer resistant to any environment

CIES is an ecological luminaire made of technical polymer, with high performance and durability, invulnerable in any environment, even the most aggressive.

Produced from 100% recyclable materials, in a manufacturing process that minimises the carbon footprint, it favours the preservation of the environment. In addition, CIES supports the protection of the night skies, in accordance with the requirements of the IAC.



Luminaires for intercity roads and various outdoor areas

AtmosLED is an outdoor luminaire designed for perfect thermal management and intensity control, offering different placement possibilities to adapt to the different needs of the environment.

Its anodized cover increases its hardness and resistance to corrosion, offering great durability.