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High quality and efficiency for all your projectswith TELEVES guarantee

Our broad-ranging experience in electronic technology and manufacturing of metal structures has allowed us to develop the range of professional LED lighting Televes. A complete catalog of indoor and outdoor luminaires

Efficient lighting in any environment

Low voltage

Low-voltage installations. Completely safe and without electromagnetic interference


Compared with traditional lighting, LED technology allows for savingsup to 80%. High efficiency and durability without the need for maintenance


Our luminaires are produced respecting the environment and the quality of the night sky. They can be recycled and are mercury-free


First-class engineering that allows you to program and control your installation according to the schedules defined by a manager

Remote management

  • Control of the electrical panel
  • Point-to-point control
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Technology, design and manufacturing of luminaires made in Televes

Our products are developed from scratch to offer custom products adapted to the needs of each project

Designed in Spain

Drivers and LED modules designed and manufactured at Televes Spain

Thorough inspections

Exhaustive security and compatibility tests


5 to 7 years warranty

Product optimization

Longer lifespan with less maintenance

Lighting for sports events

Televes sports facilities

At Televes, we provide our customers with high-quality professional LED lighting solutions in several markets.

We have state-of-the-art technology to implement tailored lighting projects in sports facilities – both indoors and outdoors – complying with the regulations of the sector.

Discover our ranges of luminaires fitted with engineering 100% Televes, offering considerable advantages such as high efficiency and energy savings up to 80%.

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Televes sports facilities
Aurant Televés

Remote management

Aurant Televés

Aurant is an IoT platform that strengthens our commitment to a connected world. Its lighting module features different remote-management modes and a number of functionalities to make the most of public lighting networks.

We will be by your side to guide you during the first steps towards Smart Cities. We will take care of everything, from the infrastructure to the service. Significant money and energy savings that will absolutely please your neighbours. No need to worry about this process at all!!

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Plug-ings Dialux

Dialux plug-ins for our luminaires

Download now our plug-ins to manage Dialux luminaires

Complete LED-lighting catalog

Professional led lighting

Download the complete LED-lighting catalog and discover all their features and applications